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Mold Testing Services in Severna Park, MD

Mold growth is a fairly common problem that can damage your home or office and contribute to health issues. Mold typically grows in dark and damp areas, such as bathrooms, basements, ceilings, behind walls, and areas with excessive moisture levels. There are always small levels of mold spores present in both outdoor and indoor environments, and they can also spread from one room to another through your HVAC air ducts.

If you suspect mold on your property, get in touch with Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Severna Park today for black mold testing in Severna Park, MD, and surrounding areas.


Mold Inspection Process

When you book our services, our certified mold inspector will examine your property and find all areas susceptible to mold growth. This process helps narrow down which areas require further testing. Some of the signs of mold growth include:

  • Strange black spots on walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Rotten smell or a musty odor similar to a smell of wet socks or old books
  • Dark spots or contamination on the carpets
  • Allergic reactions and asthma flare-ups
  • Persistent coughing or cold

If you notice any of these signs, you should mention them to our mold inspector. Our specialist will then conduct a visual mold inspection of all rooms to look for signs of mold. The next step involves collecting samples from the suspected surfaces and performing mold air sampling. All samples will be labeled appropriately and sent to an independent laboratory for further examination.

During the analysis, the laboratory will also perform black mold testing on the samples to see if any toxic black mold is present. The laboratory will provide a report after a few business days indicating whether there is the presence of mold, and our mold inspection expert will relay the report back to you and go over the results.

Black Mold Testing in Severna Park, MD

Are you wondering who to call for a mold inspection or testing services? Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Severna Park offers professional black mold detection. We use various mold tests to detect the presence and identify the type of mold and figure out the cause of the growth. Black mold can be dangerous to your health, and our services are aimed to keep you informed about any potential mold problem in your home and keep you safe.

How Much Does Mold Testing Cost?

The cost of mold testing in Severna Park, MD is based on the number of samples needed, which depends on how many rooms require testing. Other factors affecting the cost are any additional mold testing services, whether you require air quality testing or surface sampling, or both.


What Mold Testing Services Do We Offer?

Our professional services include all methods of mold detection such as testing your air ducts for mold, surface sampling, air testing, and moisture and leak detection.

Mold Air Sampling

Air quality testing is a crucial process of home mold testing. Typically, mold spores are not visible to the naked eye, so only the laboratory analysis of the air samples can help detect the presence of hidden mold. Mold air sampling also helps inform the scope and severity of the mold problem and aids in assessing human exposure to mold spores.

Our mold testing specialists collect air samples using specialized equipment that forces air through a collection device that catches mold spores. We label the container appropriately and send it to an independent laboratory for further analysis.

Surface Sampling

Surface sampling is used to determine if a visible stain or discoloration is mold or not. It involves collecting samples from the suspected areas and testing them in a laboratory for mold. Tape lift, swabs, and bulk samples are some of the common methods we use to facilitate our mold detection process.

Checking Mold Sources

Upon profiling the areas prone to mold growth, our experts check for any visible water leaks, moisture, and dampness issues. The process involves the use of humidity meters, infrared imaging, and other advanced technologies to detect moisture inside walls, floors, and ceilings.

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