Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

There's nothing quite like hardwood floors. They combine long-lasting luxury with a great appearance that can be the focal point of your home or business. Like any worthwhile investment, you need to maintain hardwood to keep it in good condition. On a day-to-day basis, that can mean being vigilant and sweeping up dust and dirt. Eventually, though, every hardwood floor will need to be refinished.

When the finish becomes dull and scratched, it's time to renew it. In Severna Park, that means calling the experts at Sunbird Cleaning Services. We are experienced at cleaning and refinishing all types of wood floors.

Our Hardwood Refinishing Services

Depending on the condition of your floors, we offer a variety of different services. We'll put together the perfect combination of services to restore your wood floors to their former appearance.

If your hardwood floors are in very bad condition, or you're not sure of how they should be treated, you can consult with our partners ta Hardwood Revival - hardwood floors experts. If anyone knows how to handle a wood floor in a bad condition, it's the wood floors experts of Hardwood Revival.

Courtesy and Service

Sunbird Cleaning Services in Severna Park, MD is dedicated to providing a good customer experience. We offer a wide range of cleaning services, flexible scheduling, local availability, and polite and professional team members who work hard, and it shows!

If you need your hardwood refinished, why don't you call us? You'll be glad you did.

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